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 My name is Jerry W. Hulse (Guardian Angel) Author: Eighteen Wheels and Jesus/Founder of Withered Hand Ministries, Inc. I am a recognized Chaplain with The Association of Christian Truckers located I-70 Exit 68 in Brownstown, Illinois. I am an OTR Driver and Ordained Minister. I enjoy Evangelism in all phases and especially conducting street ministry in the Inner Cities.

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We have a real life Mary Magdalene heading up this ministry out reach in North Carolina.

My books as a signed copy are available on Authors Den.

My Book Club is online now!

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Did you know that the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanses? That’s right!

All the other religions claim to be the way, but they do not provide a way to take the guilt and the stain of blood off the hands of a murderer. Besides, They will all have to get in line with Abraham and the holy prophets. Jesus is and was before all. God stepped into time and walked this Earth as a man.

Christ Made A Way!

He did not come to start a new religion but to bridge the gap back to God that was lost trough Adam. Adam had God’s blood. God could not make another Adam from the Earth because the Earth became cursed. It took another Adam with God’s blood to pay the sin debt brought upon all mankind through the fall of Adam. Jesus is that man with God’s blood. He was tried, convicted and executed as a criminal in our place. God raised him up for our justification.

Listen Crefully!

My God can set you free!!

I like the words of Christ that Say’s “Let Him that is among you that is without sin, first cast a stone”
Thank God, My sins are under the blood and I will never have to face them again because I have judged them now and been forgiven.

You are invited to join with us in live conference on the unity line.
This is a line where 10 different ministries meet and enjoy christian fellowship.

For a listing of the meeting times click on
His Majesty’s Radio.

Conference Playback Information
Playback Number: (760)569-7699
Access Code: 537159

Find us on Skype at freeconferencecallhd.7676 Access Code: 537159
805-360-1075 or 559-546-1400

Withered Hand Ministries, Inc.

TNT Revival Ministries

His Majesty’s Radio

Association of Christian Truckers
Check out Wheels Alive

Books Available on Amazon

We purchase my book “Eighteen Wheels and Jesus” at cost {now on Amazon, Author’s Den and other leading relators} and send it free to our connections of people who have been delivered from crack and other hard drugs. These people know how to get this book into the hands of the gangs and drug dealers in the inner cities. I also send this book to those that are incarcerated and the homeless but my funds are limited. If you may be interested in helping fund this evangelistic effort then get in touch with me by email or

Jerry Hulse
Profile on Face Book!/jwhulse

Groups Withered Hand Ministries, Inc.
Groups Eighteen Wheels and Jesus

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