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August 15, 2011

The Unapproachable God/Jesus In All His Offices

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The Unapproachable God
By Jerry W Hulse
Monday, February 12, 2007
Rated “G” by the Author.

This is a short story I wrote about christ in His offices and how they relate to me.

Essay for Seminary Class

I begin this essay thinking of the many different ways that humanity has tried to exemplify their reason for their being on this planet. We hear them try to explain a way a creator when he can clearly be seen not only in creation but also in the founding of this great nation. We need only go to the first book of the bible to see a wonderful creator in action as He sees after all His creation. When it comes to the creation of man, we see this wonderful creator getting personal and up close as he forms man from the dust of the ground. The first man named Adam was created and designed to live forever in the presence of his creator and till the garden that his creator had planted. He had the blood of his creator running through his veins and he was perfect and holy before a holy God until his fall in this garden as he succumbed to the temper that had already caused his beautiful partner Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit that their creator had told them to not eat of. Next we find this wonderful creator bring justice as He gives man his sentence for breaking His law but not without providing His wonderful creation a promise of a coming deliverer who would both put the tempter in his place and restore the fellowship of man back to his original relationship with his God and creator. God, who is perfect and demands perfection, could not form another Adam from the dust of the Earth that now had a curse on it because of the fall in the garden. Here is the first glimpse we get of Jesus as our coming deliverer. Our coming deliverer would be a man like Adam and have God’s blood like Adam and would crush the enemy under His feet. We later find this creator writing His law on the stone tablets for His servant Moses thundering with a loud fist from Mt. Sinai as the unapproachable God who would not tolerate the breaking of His laws. We see Him as a perfect being whose holiness requires that anything less than holy would not be able to live in His sight. We find later that the law was given to us to show us what it would take for us to have fellowship with our creator and how short we come of meeting this requirement. This wonderful creator called and sent men with messages of hope that one day a deliverer would come to set men free from the bondage of sin that now reined in his blood. We see this wonderful creator choose men and later a sect of people that would worship Him and follow His leading. We see Abraham believe God, as he was willing to offer his son of promise Isaac as a sacrifice to God. We see God cause a ram to be caught in the thicket as God would not only provide this sacrifice but would one day clothe himself in humanity and pay the sin debt we all owe because of our sin nature passed down to us from our first ancestors in the garden. Here again, we see the Word of God (Jesus) visiting this world as the angel of God both to lead, guide and protect God’s people to bring them to the land He had prepared for them and to raise up a people that one day would produce a deliverer for all man kind. We see Him protect them from their enemies, as He would lead them out of bondage and into a land that He had chosen for them. In the fullness of time we see the Word of God clothing himself with the flesh of man coming to this planet being born of the virgin Mary and born into poverty to grow up as a man to live His life as a man and be tempted in all points like us. He began His ministry at the age of thirty after being baptized by John in the river of Jordan. We see this same man do unexplainable miracles as He went about the Fathers business doing good and healing all that was oppressed by the enemy of our souls. Here we see Him as a prophet like Moses and also a teacher as He trained and equipped twelve disciples that were hand picked by God. The unapproachable God thundering with an iron fist in times past was now being revealed through His son (Jesus) as an approachable God that wanted a relationship with mankind. These men ate with him and were eyewitness of the love the unseen God had for them as three of them were on the mount of transfiguration and saw Moses and Elijah speaking with Him about his destiny to bear the sins of the world on an old rugged cross out side of Jerusalem. Here they saw His appearance change and saw Him in His true glory as the almighty God who is immutable and never changes. After three and one half years of ministry, we see Him arrested by an angry mob in the garden of Gethsemane but not before all were knocked down by an unseen power to give us insight that no man had the power over Him unless it was granted from His Father above. Here He is in the office as our protector as he would not allow the mob to arrest the others with Him to fulfill the scriptures that all had forsaken Him but of his sheep He had lost none. He was taken to the high priest where He was mocked, spit on and beaten. Later He was taken to Pilots hall where He was questioned and later taken to a whipping post and beaten beyond recognition. Here we see Him (Jesus) in his office as our model sufferer as He received the thirty-nine stripes for our healing. Next we see Him crucified on an old rugged cross hanging between the heavens and the Earth experiencing excruciating pain with words of love and forgiveness bearing the sins of mankind and making a way for the fellowship between God and man to be restored. Here we see Him (Jesus) in His office as our redeemer. He was spilling His life’s blood which was God’s blood from His body which is the requirement for our sins to be paid in full for the life of man is in the blood. After six hours on this cross we find Him placing His spirit in the Fathers hands as He paid the final debt of sin, which is death. He then went into the lowest parts of the Earth in a holding place called paradise and liberated the souls of the saints that had died trusting in the Lord to provide a redeemer that they might one day be with Him. He took paradise and these precious saints from the lowest parts of the Earth to heaven that they might live in the presence of this loving Father. He took the authority of death, hell and the grave away from the deceiver Satan who had tricked our ancestors Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and caused man to loose his fellowship with his creator. Here we see Him (Jesus) in His office as the seed of the woman that would crush the serpent’s head. He then went and purged the vessels of Heaven and presented His blood to the Father who accepted it as full payment for mans rebellion. We then see Him return to this world for forty days, show Himself to five hundred at one time, set things in order and finish training his disciples that they might declare the good news to all people. After taking His disciples out as far as Bethany and instructing them to go and wait until they be endued with power from above, we see Him leaving this world on a cloud as two men appear in shining garments proclaiming to his disciples that this same Jesus that they see going a way would one day return the same way. There were one hundred and twenty assembled in an upper room in one mind and accord when all of a sudden there was a sound as a mighty rushing wind filled the room. The promise of the father had come and the Holy Spirit was given to empower them for the task ahead. Here we see Him (Jesus) in His office as our High Priest. Before, one had to be where He was in order to receive from Him because He was in a human body but now He (Jesus the Word) is in His released form being omnipresent that is everywhere at the same time fulfilling the scripture that God was in Christ reconciling the world back to Himself. Next we see Him (Jesus) sitting at the right hand of God as our intercessor and high priest making intercession for us that we might be presented blameless as a trophy of His grace to His Father on that day when we will all be reunited with our loved ones called the marriage supper of the Lamb. Later we find Him coming back with His saints as King of Kings and Lord of lords to punish the wicked and establish Himself as King upon the throne of David to rule and reign for one thousand years fulfilling Psalms 110 verse 1. I have personally met Jesus in all these offices. I find Him or something about Him and His offices on every page in my bible. I met Him as my Savior one Sunday morning when I understood the salvation message that was being preached and gave my heart to Him. I saw my depravity and sinful condition and accepted God’s sacrifice of having Jesus to die in my place. Later I received Him as the Lord and King of my life. I started studying the word and applying its truths to my life. I found that Christ was getting more and more of me as I surrendered to the leading and prompting of His Spirit thus making Him not only my Savior but also my Lord and my King. It was not long till I found that I could not save the world and soon succumbed to the trials and pressures of every day life. I fell into sin and backslid for several years. I loved him and His word however I found that man was less forgiving and this is when I met His grace and a wonderful Lord interceding on my behalf to see me restored back into my relationship with Him. I have also experienced His hand of chastisement but never in a harsh way. This God of the bible has always been up front and personal with me showing His mighty arm in the ministry He called me into from day one. I will sum up this essay with a parable. This is my own view of my Lord in all his offices. My parable is about a stern judge who resides in a small tow. This judge always ruled with a stern hand and would always give the guilty people in his courtroom the fullest punishment that the law would allow. This judge has never been known to let an offender off with a light sentence. The scene all changed one day as the judges on mother was brought beforehim. With no other judge available, he was forced to hear his mother’s case and pronounce her fate. His mother was proven guilty by the state and was even caught with the goods which would seal her case. The judge looked around the court room and then directed his attention toward his mother. He asked the defendant to stand and be sentenced. This judge sentenced his on mother the maximum punishment that the law would allow. He then stood up and took his robe of justice off in front of everyone in his court. He folded the robe carefully and placed it on his bench. This stern judge then placed both of his hands outward exposing his wrists to the bailiff. The judge then tearfully said that even though his mother was found guilty by the state that he could think of no law that would not forbid him from serving his mothers sentence. To me, this is what my Lord done for me. I was found guilty because of sin and was sentenced to death without any hope of being spared when my Lord stepped down from his bench in front of all His creation and said that He could find nothing in His law that would forbid Him from serving my sentence of death. One day soon we will be with Him and our loved ones in our glorified bodies and will celebrate our deliverance from the bondage of sin and rejoice forever through out the ceaseless ages.


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