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May 7, 2010

The Tares Appeared

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        The Tares Appeared Matthew 13: 25&26 But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also. I later met The Preacher as he was in a downcast mood. He was at the same facility that I was and we were both waiting for our load to be loaded. He did not notice my truck parked in the rear of the lot. He had decided to hook up his travel guitar and get in some practice while he was waiting. This particular time, he had decided to hook it up to a small amplifier that he carried with him. I awoke to hear gospel music being played on a guitar. The Preacher is an exceptional musician. I proceeded to walk over and check this out for myself. Could this be my friend or was I dreaming? He was so hurt that he never even noticed when I approached him. Knowing how the Lord had used him to help me, caused me to ask him a stern question. I asked in a voice of concern, “have you thanked the Lord in this?” I think this shook him up but he tried to ward it off by saying, “you just don’t know.” I replied, “It doesn’t matter because the steps of a good man are ordered by the lord.” The Preacher confided in me that it seems as though a person can spend their whole life building something for the lord, and one person can tear it down in one night. He said that people were losing their love and zeal for one another and that even church people acted different once they would depart from a church service. He said that some churches today are like a sponge which needs to be rung out. He stated that they were always asking and demanding from the congregation and were not giving anything back. He said that Churches are letting the culture around them go to hell while they are fattening up their own pig. The Preacher went on to say that a lot of people have lost interest in church because of the lack of love and concern. They would rather dress up on a cold day and attend a flea market where at least they know that they are getting something for their dollar. He witnessed this first hand as he had done street ministry in rural areas of the big cities for the last 13 years. A lot of his street ministry has been done in the area of prospering well known churches. A person who attended one of these churches once told The Preacher that they had armed guards at this church. The Preacher is well known by the drug gangs, prostitutes, and street people of all races. Other ministers that would attempt to minister in these areas would not be able to survive and their lives would be in danger. God has used the Preacher to clothe, feed and win the trust of these street people to the extent that mothers in the area would send their children to his truck to ask for bibles. With a gleam in his eye, The Preacher would comment on how much it blessed him to watch a person hooked on powerful drugs leave his truck with a new blanket, pillow and clothes, walk down the street feeling like Christmas had finally made it to them and that somebody in this world really does care. I am reminded of a story The Preacher once told me concerning his run in with one of the notorious local gangs in Atlanta, Georgia. He said, Little Silas, “I walked right up to the ring leader and said I will tell you why I do what I do” He said first of all, I have danced with the big boys and not little gangs like you and Almighty God decided to protect me and not throw me away when he had ever reason in the world to do so. He said, Little Silas, “They exclaimed that I was a good man and left me alone. Later, he said this gang came back around where he was and some of the street people warned him to steer clear of them because they were mean to which The Preacher replied that he had already met them. My travels have taken me through some of the areas that The Preacher has ministered in and I have found that the street people have the utmost respect for this man of God. If churches today would grasp the vision of this man of God, they would see a significant change in the atmosphere of their church. The Preacher shared his vision with me and I am going to now attempt to share it with you. Paul said, Just like brother Martin Luther King and his dream, I vision seeing those that according to today’s church have sinned away their chance of being used in the Lord’s work. I have taken it upon myself to do everything that I can to reach out to these people and see meaning, purpose and yes the call of Almighty God rekindled in their life. To see the drunk come out from under his makeshift home under a bridge and yes to see a prostitute of a 20 year profession (like Mary in the scriptures) find our Lord and His out stretched hands of Love, lift them up, dust them off and get them the necessary training and materials that will help them be better prepared to go into the enemy’s camp and take back what he stole from them. Yes to see Legion come home and be a new dad and husband to a once tormented wife and children. To see the woman at the well called in to the work of God. To see the withered hand that was drawn up from the lack of circulation, stretched out and restored as whole as the other. I asked Paul a question concerning King Solomon and the dedication of the house he built for God. I reminded him that there was a lot of preparation and prayer went in to that work. I also asked the Preacher if he knew what happened to all the thousands of sacrifices that were being made to God on the altars that Solomon had made? I asked, what happened to all that meat? The Preacher got happy and said that is it! I said, ‘That is what? He said that the people had a feast. He said that is the answer to today’s church problem. He said that some have already been led of the Spirit to set aside one special day every three months and take out of the church treasury and ask all in the service that are in need of money to come forward and partake of the offering plate that is from the church to them. This would bring the favor and blessing of God on any ministry out reach. He said Little Silas; the King took out of his own pantry and offered thousands of animals for sacrifice for two weeks. There were nearly three million people there partaking of this worship service. Can you imagine being around that many people? He said that it takes two or three days just to get two hundred thousand people into a racing event. What would it be like to be in the presence of a million people gathered in one place? When Solomon dedicated the temple and made an end of praying, God sent fire down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices till the Glory of God filled the house till the priests could not enter in to minister. The Levites were training to later become priests, and there was love and unity in the place. The people hungry from their journey consumed the meat and bowed themselves with their faces to the ground upon the pavement and worshipped and praised the Lord, saying; For he is good: for his mercy endureth forever. He said you know something Little Silas, I miss church. The Preacher stated that he missed the love, unity, and worship that used to be common place in the old churches. He said, I miss hearing the old preachers declaring the word of God with a trumpet voice warning people that there is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun. He said that the word has come to pass and fulfilled in our day that there would in the last days be a famine for hearing of the word of God. Amos 8: 11 Behold the days shall come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the Land, not a famine for bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing of the words of the lord: People today will try and buy God or his favor as if God acted on a merit system and some preachers today are preying on this weakness in order to make fat their own pig. People will give to these ministers because they feel that they have done something to earn God’s blessings when the word says we received his favor when we accepted his son into our lives and we became heirs of God. The Preacher related to me of numerous stories of people in need writing to these ministries asking for help and being turned down when in fact they had been supporting these same ministers for years. If they were to receive a reply from one of the well known preachers to come and pray for them or a loved one, they would always demand a large sum of money to make the trip.


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