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May 7, 2010

Mouse Under The Queen’s Chair

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      I begin this story with a sad heart because people are so quick to jump to conclusions and point their finger at another person without knowing all the circumstances involved in the situation. Its like the pastor who went to visit a sick friend and they just happened to be living in the red light district. The pastors car broke down and he had get a ride home and leave his car there which caused quite a lot of talk in his church. I wonder what would have happened if the next night, this pastor had purposely parked his car in front of the lady’s house that was causing all the trouble in his church? We receive an invitation to visit with a couple that was fortunate enough to be invited to the inauguration of the Queen of England. They were in the middle of the entire splendor surrounding the event: flags, polished uniforms, shiny trumpets, gold, glitter, and etc. When they returned from their excursion someone asked, “How was it? What did you see?” They snapped back with, “We saw a mouse under the chair of the Queen!”

    Can you imagine traveling that far, scheduling connections, travel arrangements and being blessed to see the royal ceremonies and the only thing they remembered was a mouse under the chair? It’s like some of the people attending church now; they can only find fault in the most ridiculous things and not be blessed to be in the center of the splendor of worshipping God. Satan will do anything to distract your mind, emotions and your heart from seeking the living God. We enter a congregation of the saints, where the Spirit of God is moving mightily in His Splendor and all we see is the mouse under the chair. Whatever it may be that distracts you from the movement of God, falls into Satan’s agenda to steal, kill and destroy. My daddy always said to use wisdom and not point fingers without knowing the truth which makes a lot of common sense. One would surely have more friends.


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