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May 7, 2010

Discovering Our Purpose!

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     We each have a destiny to fulfill that purpose and make a difference in our culture and our generation. Our future is not years ahead of us as some would think but we will find that it lies within us. It was placed in us at birth into our subconscious mind by a wonderful loving creator who has a plan for all of us. God says in His word that he knows the end from the beginning. In order to understand this, we must realize that he is an all wise and all powerful creator that carefully thought out his plan which included the people who were to be born before he put the first ocean on this planet. Our God is a God of action and uses men and women to accomplish his purpose. Though we may not understand God’s entire plan, there is nothing better than for us to resolve to do good, and enjoy the gifts of God in our lives and yes, to revere him. His will and purpose for our lives was put in us before we started planning for our future. It is up to each of us to carefully search out this plan by spending time in his word and in his presence. When we finally succeed in discovering the purpose God has for us then that purpose will help establish our vision. Vision is what God wants us to contribute toward the up building of his kingdom. The Living God placed his eternal unchanging purpose in our heart that his will may be accomplished in Earth. You were born at the right time. God chose when and where you were to be born for a reason.


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