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May 7, 2010

Are Apples made of Gold?

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Touch Not Mine Anointed     

       This is a true story about an old apple tree, a church and a family that claimed ownership of the tree! I could hardly believe the note given to me that had been left on the door of the church that morning. It was a note left by a family that had property adjoining the church parking lot. The note read quote( Tell your children to not pick up the apples on your side of the fence or ours because all the apples belong to us.) Needless to say, I was somewhat taken back by this note . To think that someone would have the nerve to leave a note like this was beyond me. Well we told our children to leave the apples alone and instructed them to overlook these people and to pray for them. I had completely forgot this incident until three or four days later when I received a phone call. It was the pastor of the church asking me if I had time to come to this church property and bring my chain saw to which I agreed. When I arrived to my amazement was this enormous apple tree that had been uprooted during a recent storm and was blocking the church parking lot. As I sawed up this tree, I noticed that it was loaded with apples. I also thought about the note left at the church a few days before and began to tremble in my shoes. After sawing up this tree, I walked over to the place it had been. To my amazement, this storm had uprooted this huge tree by the roots and never even disturbed the building next to it. The next thing reported to me was the owners of this tree had moved and their property was up for sale. I will never forget this life changing experience on the greed of man and how God dealt with it through an old apple tree.  


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