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August 15, 2011

The Unapproachable God/Jesus In All His Offices

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The Unapproachable God
By Jerry W Hulse
Monday, February 12, 2007
Rated “G” by the Author.

This is a short story I wrote about christ in His offices and how they relate to me.

Essay for Seminary Class

I begin this essay thinking of the many different ways that humanity has tried to exemplify their reason for their being on this planet. We hear them try to explain a way a creator when he can clearly be seen not only in creation but also in the founding of this great nation. We need only go to the first book of the bible to see a wonderful creator in action as He sees after all His creation. When it comes to the creation of man, we see this wonderful creator getting personal and up close as he forms man from the dust of the ground. The first man named Adam was created and designed to live forever in the presence of his creator and till the garden that his creator had planted. He had the blood of his creator running through his veins and he was perfect and holy before a holy God until his fall in this garden as he succumbed to the temper that had already caused his beautiful partner Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit that their creator had told them to not eat of. Next we find this wonderful creator bring justice as He gives man his sentence for breaking His law but not without providing His wonderful creation a promise of a coming deliverer who would both put the tempter in his place and restore the fellowship of man back to his original relationship with his God and creator. God, who is perfect and demands perfection, could not form another Adam from the dust of the Earth that now had a curse on it because of the fall in the garden. Here is the first glimpse we get of Jesus as our coming deliverer. Our coming deliverer would be a man like Adam and have God’s blood like Adam and would crush the enemy under His feet. We later find this creator writing His law on the stone tablets for His servant Moses thundering with a loud fist from Mt. Sinai as the unapproachable God who would not tolerate the breaking of His laws. We see Him as a perfect being whose holiness requires that anything less than holy would not be able to live in His sight. We find later that the law was given to us to show us what it would take for us to have fellowship with our creator and how short we come of meeting this requirement. This wonderful creator called and sent men with messages of hope that one day a deliverer would come to set men free from the bondage of sin that now reined in his blood. We see this wonderful creator choose men and later a sect of people that would worship Him and follow His leading. We see Abraham believe God, as he was willing to offer his son of promise Isaac as a sacrifice to God. We see God cause a ram to be caught in the thicket as God would not only provide this sacrifice but would one day clothe himself in humanity and pay the sin debt we all owe because of our sin nature passed down to us from our first ancestors in the garden. Here again, we see the Word of God (Jesus) visiting this world as the angel of God both to lead, guide and protect God’s people to bring them to the land He had prepared for them and to raise up a people that one day would produce a deliverer for all man kind. We see Him protect them from their enemies, as He would lead them out of bondage and into a land that He had chosen for them. In the fullness of time we see the Word of God clothing himself with the flesh of man coming to this planet being born of the virgin Mary and born into poverty to grow up as a man to live His life as a man and be tempted in all points like us. He began His ministry at the age of thirty after being baptized by John in the river of Jordan. We see this same man do unexplainable miracles as He went about the Fathers business doing good and healing all that was oppressed by the enemy of our souls. Here we see Him as a prophet like Moses and also a teacher as He trained and equipped twelve disciples that were hand picked by God. The unapproachable God thundering with an iron fist in times past was now being revealed through His son (Jesus) as an approachable God that wanted a relationship with mankind. These men ate with him and were eyewitness of the love the unseen God had for them as three of them were on the mount of transfiguration and saw Moses and Elijah speaking with Him about his destiny to bear the sins of the world on an old rugged cross out side of Jerusalem. Here they saw His appearance change and saw Him in His true glory as the almighty God who is immutable and never changes. After three and one half years of ministry, we see Him arrested by an angry mob in the garden of Gethsemane but not before all were knocked down by an unseen power to give us insight that no man had the power over Him unless it was granted from His Father above. Here He is in the office as our protector as he would not allow the mob to arrest the others with Him to fulfill the scriptures that all had forsaken Him but of his sheep He had lost none. He was taken to the high priest where He was mocked, spit on and beaten. Later He was taken to Pilots hall where He was questioned and later taken to a whipping post and beaten beyond recognition. Here we see Him (Jesus) in his office as our model sufferer as He received the thirty-nine stripes for our healing. Next we see Him crucified on an old rugged cross hanging between the heavens and the Earth experiencing excruciating pain with words of love and forgiveness bearing the sins of mankind and making a way for the fellowship between God and man to be restored. Here we see Him (Jesus) in His office as our redeemer. He was spilling His life’s blood which was God’s blood from His body which is the requirement for our sins to be paid in full for the life of man is in the blood. After six hours on this cross we find Him placing His spirit in the Fathers hands as He paid the final debt of sin, which is death. He then went into the lowest parts of the Earth in a holding place called paradise and liberated the souls of the saints that had died trusting in the Lord to provide a redeemer that they might one day be with Him. He took paradise and these precious saints from the lowest parts of the Earth to heaven that they might live in the presence of this loving Father. He took the authority of death, hell and the grave away from the deceiver Satan who had tricked our ancestors Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and caused man to loose his fellowship with his creator. Here we see Him (Jesus) in His office as the seed of the woman that would crush the serpent’s head. He then went and purged the vessels of Heaven and presented His blood to the Father who accepted it as full payment for mans rebellion. We then see Him return to this world for forty days, show Himself to five hundred at one time, set things in order and finish training his disciples that they might declare the good news to all people. After taking His disciples out as far as Bethany and instructing them to go and wait until they be endued with power from above, we see Him leaving this world on a cloud as two men appear in shining garments proclaiming to his disciples that this same Jesus that they see going a way would one day return the same way. There were one hundred and twenty assembled in an upper room in one mind and accord when all of a sudden there was a sound as a mighty rushing wind filled the room. The promise of the father had come and the Holy Spirit was given to empower them for the task ahead. Here we see Him (Jesus) in His office as our High Priest. Before, one had to be where He was in order to receive from Him because He was in a human body but now He (Jesus the Word) is in His released form being omnipresent that is everywhere at the same time fulfilling the scripture that God was in Christ reconciling the world back to Himself. Next we see Him (Jesus) sitting at the right hand of God as our intercessor and high priest making intercession for us that we might be presented blameless as a trophy of His grace to His Father on that day when we will all be reunited with our loved ones called the marriage supper of the Lamb. Later we find Him coming back with His saints as King of Kings and Lord of lords to punish the wicked and establish Himself as King upon the throne of David to rule and reign for one thousand years fulfilling Psalms 110 verse 1. I have personally met Jesus in all these offices. I find Him or something about Him and His offices on every page in my bible. I met Him as my Savior one Sunday morning when I understood the salvation message that was being preached and gave my heart to Him. I saw my depravity and sinful condition and accepted God’s sacrifice of having Jesus to die in my place. Later I received Him as the Lord and King of my life. I started studying the word and applying its truths to my life. I found that Christ was getting more and more of me as I surrendered to the leading and prompting of His Spirit thus making Him not only my Savior but also my Lord and my King. It was not long till I found that I could not save the world and soon succumbed to the trials and pressures of every day life. I fell into sin and backslid for several years. I loved him and His word however I found that man was less forgiving and this is when I met His grace and a wonderful Lord interceding on my behalf to see me restored back into my relationship with Him. I have also experienced His hand of chastisement but never in a harsh way. This God of the bible has always been up front and personal with me showing His mighty arm in the ministry He called me into from day one. I will sum up this essay with a parable. This is my own view of my Lord in all his offices. My parable is about a stern judge who resides in a small tow. This judge always ruled with a stern hand and would always give the guilty people in his courtroom the fullest punishment that the law would allow. This judge has never been known to let an offender off with a light sentence. The scene all changed one day as the judges on mother was brought beforehim. With no other judge available, he was forced to hear his mother’s case and pronounce her fate. His mother was proven guilty by the state and was even caught with the goods which would seal her case. The judge looked around the court room and then directed his attention toward his mother. He asked the defendant to stand and be sentenced. This judge sentenced his on mother the maximum punishment that the law would allow. He then stood up and took his robe of justice off in front of everyone in his court. He folded the robe carefully and placed it on his bench. This stern judge then placed both of his hands outward exposing his wrists to the bailiff. The judge then tearfully said that even though his mother was found guilty by the state that he could think of no law that would not forbid him from serving his mothers sentence. To me, this is what my Lord done for me. I was found guilty because of sin and was sentenced to death without any hope of being spared when my Lord stepped down from his bench in front of all His creation and said that He could find nothing in His law that would forbid Him from serving my sentence of death. One day soon we will be with Him and our loved ones in our glorified bodies and will celebrate our deliverance from the bondage of sin and rejoice forever through out the ceaseless ages.


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May 7, 2010

Are Devils Real ?

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         On the third night of a revival in Somewhere, Virginia later referred to as the miracle meetings, a woman at the pulpit began speaking in tongues but it sounded more like a tormented chant. The previous night, the same lady sat behind Paul and he heard terrible slurs of cursing, in a male voice, spewing from her. The Holy Spirit informed Paul it was the same woman who had called his radio show, a couple of months prior to this revival, asking for deliverance from a problem. Paul instructed her on the air not to tell him her problem for the LORD had already revealed it and he would be praying for her. As she stood at the altar of the church, Paul asked her plainly, “Are you ready to be free of them devils?” She said, “I thought God was never going to show you. YES!” Paul slung his guitar behind him and grabbed her by the head as God instructed him in an open vision (instructing him as it happened) to do. He demanded that the demons come out of her. Brother Encouragement and the pastor joined in. The ensuing commotion, along with the wicked male voice speaking through her mouth, scared several members of the congregation into observing events from the outside. The demon-empowered woman was able to knock Paul up against the wall, but fell down screaming and convulsing as Paul commanded the entity to leave in the name of Jesus. Brother Encouragement finally was able to overcome it by the Holy Spirit within him and his ministerial experience in demonic areas. This was Paul’s first encounter and it scared him tremendously. Brother Encouragement took authority over this thing in the name of JESUS! It left the church and the congregation timidly filed back in to continue the service. On the ride home with the Help family, they noticed a black raven flying along the same route they were traveling. When they arrived home, the raven flew directly to the upstairs window of Paul’s room and began pecking sharply on the window. The LORD revealed to Paul that the demon had left the woman and went into the bird. God gave him a prophetic gesture in the form of burning the tape of the earlier meeting, once this was accomplished; the bird flew away and did not return. Matthew 8:31-32 So the devils besought Him, saying, If thou cast us out, suffer us to go away into the herd of swine… And He said unto them, Go. ” On one trip with the Help family to Panther, WV, Paul was exhausted from driving a long run and was resting his eyes during the ride. The LORD gave him a vision of a woman standing outside the church door, wanting desperately to enter but unable to. Paul shared the vision with Help and Charity. As the church was filling up for the service, a woman peered inside but did not enter. Paul said, “Well, just let her stay out there. It‘ll be alright.” Paul ministered to those wanting prayer after the message. One woman stood to give a message in tongues and the interpretation came through Paul; stating that a man in the church wanted to destroy it. The women of the church were given a prophetic gesture from the interim pastor to remove their shoes and gather into a circle to pray. Suddenly, it was as if someone had spit into Paul’s hair, when he noticed that he was the only one at the altar left standing. A wind of God had blown through and most everyone else was lying on the floor, slain in the spirit. Paul noticed a couple of men approaching through the middle aisle. These men also became slain in the spirit as Paul stood in amazement at the altar. They fell to the floor with their legs and arms pointing straight up in the air! Paul was told later that these men were planning to do him harm as well as burn the church to the ground. The leader of the group’s wife was the one unable to enter the church. The group remained on the floor for the rest of the service. When it ended, the wife came in from the porch and the men repented and became Christians. Another woman came from back of the church and walked directly towards Paul. She began to rock back and forth, praying aloud when God spoke through her in the voice of a man. She testified of Paul’s prophetic call, his life and of his relationship with his wife. She reminded him of the anointing God had placed upon him and how Paul was holding Him back from using him. She told him to get busy in the work of the LORD and to stop entering in and going out. The Holy Spirit quickened Paul’s understanding and he realized that she was referring to the gift of praying in tongues. He had been experimenting up to this time but needed to become serious in exercising this gift. God’s Spirit was taking control of his actions and words in the ministry. No one at the church knew who the lady was and they were unsuccessful in locating her anywhere in or near the church. On another occasion, Paul was in Pennsylvania when Charity called to tell him that both she and Help were to be hospitalized. The Holy Spirit came upon Paul and he said, “No you’re not, I’ll be there in the morning. Come pick me up and we’ll watch God move.” Charity had seen so many miracles around Paul’s prayers that she came in faith to pick him up the next morning. In their living room, he prayed for Help and Charity when their future daughter-in-law came in the room. God revealed to Paul that a demon was tormenting her. With more experience in this area of ministry, he was able to cast out the foul spirit and saw a shadow go into the laundry room adjacent to the living room. The Word of the LORD spoke through Paul and told him that the demon had entered into their washer and dryer and they would never work again, and it never did. On the way out of the house the word of the LORD came upon Paul and he told Charity the Lord was going to bless her house for opening up their home to him in order to do the Virginia revival. He revealed that there was a big package on the way and it would consist of everything she had needed for a while. Within a month, UPS delivered an enormous package to Charity’s home. It was addressed to her and did not have a return address or an invoice inside. Her husband feared there would be a large bill to pay, and that it was a gimmick of some kind. Two months passed and Charity finally opened the box and it contained towels, dishes, pots and pans, cleaning supplies, and etc. Every thing she needed…she never received an invoice. The Intimidator, Paul’s preaching partner, held a revival at Pastor Longing’s church in Somewhere, TN. Paul was a chartered member of the church and was visiting on this occasion in support of his friend. A young man came forward for prayer to release him from demonic possession. Pastor Longing asked Paul to help because this was a new experience for him with demonic forces. It turned out that there was more than one demon in the man and they began to jerk his body around the church. They banged his head on the floor and Pastor Longing placed his hands underneath the man’s head to avoid injury. Pastor Longing was trying to talk to this young man, but he began to wail. Paul told Pastor Longing, “That isn’t him talking; it’s the demons in him.” Sister Waiting, the pastor’s wife, grabbed the anointing oil and poured it all over her hands. After laying hands on the young man, she began to pray for him. The other young men of the church tried to hold him down to no avail. Paul told them to let him go! He spoke to the demons controlling the boy, “Devil’s, you know who I am and whom I serve! And you will bow to the man of God.” Paul then called on the Angels of God to come and smite these tormenting spirits with the full wrath of God. To everyone’s amazement, suddenly some unseen force literately picked the man up from the floor, turned him face down in mid-air and then slammed him to the floor in front of Paul The Preacher. , “Paul said , Devil, I am just about tired of dealing with you! Name yourselves in the name of JESUS I command you!” One by one they named themselves; murder, hate, lust, etc… Murder and hate were the only ones that put up a fight. Paul charged the warring angels of heaven to leave the throne room of God in the name of JESUS, to come and “cut” these stubborn demons from the boy, since the demons would not heed the man of God’s commands. The demons were forced from the young man. His face contorted in agony and he groaned and wailed as they left. (Sister Glowing of a well known tape ministry was also present at this bone-chilling event.) She stated that she had never witnessed anything like this before! Mark 9:25-29 “When Jesus saw that the people came running together, He rebuked the foul spirit, saying unto him, Thou dumb and deaf spirit, I charge thee, come out of him, and enter no more into him. and the spirit cried, and rent him sore, and came out of him: and he was as one dead; insomuch that many said, he is dead. But Jesus took him by the hand, and lifted him up; and he arose. And when He was come into the house, His disciples asked him privately, Why could not we cast him out? And He said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.” Paul visited the young man at his home and the Spirit told him that there had been a murder committed in the house. The young man replied that there had been three that he knew of. In the Spirit, Paul could see a figure of flesh and blood walking through the house with an upraised knife, as if ready to strike. Pastor Longing later called Paul to come to his home and view a computer digital picture taken in the house where the young boy lived. The picture showed the demon following him from the bathroom with an upraised knife in its hand. This was the same entity the Holy Spirit had revealed to Paul. The three pastors prayed over the house and after the young man testified to others, the full scope of these combined events convicted the youth in the area to burn all the books and musical records they could find pertaining to witchcraft. Acts 19:19-20 “Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men: So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed.” 

The Tares Appeared

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        The Tares Appeared Matthew 13: 25&26 But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also. I later met The Preacher as he was in a downcast mood. He was at the same facility that I was and we were both waiting for our load to be loaded. He did not notice my truck parked in the rear of the lot. He had decided to hook up his travel guitar and get in some practice while he was waiting. This particular time, he had decided to hook it up to a small amplifier that he carried with him. I awoke to hear gospel music being played on a guitar. The Preacher is an exceptional musician. I proceeded to walk over and check this out for myself. Could this be my friend or was I dreaming? He was so hurt that he never even noticed when I approached him. Knowing how the Lord had used him to help me, caused me to ask him a stern question. I asked in a voice of concern, “have you thanked the Lord in this?” I think this shook him up but he tried to ward it off by saying, “you just don’t know.” I replied, “It doesn’t matter because the steps of a good man are ordered by the lord.” The Preacher confided in me that it seems as though a person can spend their whole life building something for the lord, and one person can tear it down in one night. He said that people were losing their love and zeal for one another and that even church people acted different once they would depart from a church service. He said that some churches today are like a sponge which needs to be rung out. He stated that they were always asking and demanding from the congregation and were not giving anything back. He said that Churches are letting the culture around them go to hell while they are fattening up their own pig. The Preacher went on to say that a lot of people have lost interest in church because of the lack of love and concern. They would rather dress up on a cold day and attend a flea market where at least they know that they are getting something for their dollar. He witnessed this first hand as he had done street ministry in rural areas of the big cities for the last 13 years. A lot of his street ministry has been done in the area of prospering well known churches. A person who attended one of these churches once told The Preacher that they had armed guards at this church. The Preacher is well known by the drug gangs, prostitutes, and street people of all races. Other ministers that would attempt to minister in these areas would not be able to survive and their lives would be in danger. God has used the Preacher to clothe, feed and win the trust of these street people to the extent that mothers in the area would send their children to his truck to ask for bibles. With a gleam in his eye, The Preacher would comment on how much it blessed him to watch a person hooked on powerful drugs leave his truck with a new blanket, pillow and clothes, walk down the street feeling like Christmas had finally made it to them and that somebody in this world really does care. I am reminded of a story The Preacher once told me concerning his run in with one of the notorious local gangs in Atlanta, Georgia. He said, Little Silas, “I walked right up to the ring leader and said I will tell you why I do what I do” He said first of all, I have danced with the big boys and not little gangs like you and Almighty God decided to protect me and not throw me away when he had ever reason in the world to do so. He said, Little Silas, “They exclaimed that I was a good man and left me alone. Later, he said this gang came back around where he was and some of the street people warned him to steer clear of them because they were mean to which The Preacher replied that he had already met them. My travels have taken me through some of the areas that The Preacher has ministered in and I have found that the street people have the utmost respect for this man of God. If churches today would grasp the vision of this man of God, they would see a significant change in the atmosphere of their church. The Preacher shared his vision with me and I am going to now attempt to share it with you. Paul said, Just like brother Martin Luther King and his dream, I vision seeing those that according to today’s church have sinned away their chance of being used in the Lord’s work. I have taken it upon myself to do everything that I can to reach out to these people and see meaning, purpose and yes the call of Almighty God rekindled in their life. To see the drunk come out from under his makeshift home under a bridge and yes to see a prostitute of a 20 year profession (like Mary in the scriptures) find our Lord and His out stretched hands of Love, lift them up, dust them off and get them the necessary training and materials that will help them be better prepared to go into the enemy’s camp and take back what he stole from them. Yes to see Legion come home and be a new dad and husband to a once tormented wife and children. To see the woman at the well called in to the work of God. To see the withered hand that was drawn up from the lack of circulation, stretched out and restored as whole as the other. I asked Paul a question concerning King Solomon and the dedication of the house he built for God. I reminded him that there was a lot of preparation and prayer went in to that work. I also asked the Preacher if he knew what happened to all the thousands of sacrifices that were being made to God on the altars that Solomon had made? I asked, what happened to all that meat? The Preacher got happy and said that is it! I said, ‘That is what? He said that the people had a feast. He said that is the answer to today’s church problem. He said that some have already been led of the Spirit to set aside one special day every three months and take out of the church treasury and ask all in the service that are in need of money to come forward and partake of the offering plate that is from the church to them. This would bring the favor and blessing of God on any ministry out reach. He said Little Silas; the King took out of his own pantry and offered thousands of animals for sacrifice for two weeks. There were nearly three million people there partaking of this worship service. Can you imagine being around that many people? He said that it takes two or three days just to get two hundred thousand people into a racing event. What would it be like to be in the presence of a million people gathered in one place? When Solomon dedicated the temple and made an end of praying, God sent fire down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices till the Glory of God filled the house till the priests could not enter in to minister. The Levites were training to later become priests, and there was love and unity in the place. The people hungry from their journey consumed the meat and bowed themselves with their faces to the ground upon the pavement and worshipped and praised the Lord, saying; For he is good: for his mercy endureth forever. He said you know something Little Silas, I miss church. The Preacher stated that he missed the love, unity, and worship that used to be common place in the old churches. He said, I miss hearing the old preachers declaring the word of God with a trumpet voice warning people that there is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun. He said that the word has come to pass and fulfilled in our day that there would in the last days be a famine for hearing of the word of God. Amos 8: 11 Behold the days shall come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the Land, not a famine for bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing of the words of the lord: People today will try and buy God or his favor as if God acted on a merit system and some preachers today are preying on this weakness in order to make fat their own pig. People will give to these ministers because they feel that they have done something to earn God’s blessings when the word says we received his favor when we accepted his son into our lives and we became heirs of God. The Preacher related to me of numerous stories of people in need writing to these ministries asking for help and being turned down when in fact they had been supporting these same ministers for years. If they were to receive a reply from one of the well known preachers to come and pray for them or a loved one, they would always demand a large sum of money to make the trip.

Mouse Under The Queen’s Chair

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      I begin this story with a sad heart because people are so quick to jump to conclusions and point their finger at another person without knowing all the circumstances involved in the situation. Its like the pastor who went to visit a sick friend and they just happened to be living in the red light district. The pastors car broke down and he had get a ride home and leave his car there which caused quite a lot of talk in his church. I wonder what would have happened if the next night, this pastor had purposely parked his car in front of the lady’s house that was causing all the trouble in his church? We receive an invitation to visit with a couple that was fortunate enough to be invited to the inauguration of the Queen of England. They were in the middle of the entire splendor surrounding the event: flags, polished uniforms, shiny trumpets, gold, glitter, and etc. When they returned from their excursion someone asked, “How was it? What did you see?” They snapped back with, “We saw a mouse under the chair of the Queen!”

    Can you imagine traveling that far, scheduling connections, travel arrangements and being blessed to see the royal ceremonies and the only thing they remembered was a mouse under the chair? It’s like some of the people attending church now; they can only find fault in the most ridiculous things and not be blessed to be in the center of the splendor of worshipping God. Satan will do anything to distract your mind, emotions and your heart from seeking the living God. We enter a congregation of the saints, where the Spirit of God is moving mightily in His Splendor and all we see is the mouse under the chair. Whatever it may be that distracts you from the movement of God, falls into Satan’s agenda to steal, kill and destroy. My daddy always said to use wisdom and not point fingers without knowing the truth which makes a lot of common sense. One would surely have more friends.

Discovering Our Purpose!

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     We each have a destiny to fulfill that purpose and make a difference in our culture and our generation. Our future is not years ahead of us as some would think but we will find that it lies within us. It was placed in us at birth into our subconscious mind by a wonderful loving creator who has a plan for all of us. God says in His word that he knows the end from the beginning. In order to understand this, we must realize that he is an all wise and all powerful creator that carefully thought out his plan which included the people who were to be born before he put the first ocean on this planet. Our God is a God of action and uses men and women to accomplish his purpose. Though we may not understand God’s entire plan, there is nothing better than for us to resolve to do good, and enjoy the gifts of God in our lives and yes, to revere him. His will and purpose for our lives was put in us before we started planning for our future. It is up to each of us to carefully search out this plan by spending time in his word and in his presence. When we finally succeed in discovering the purpose God has for us then that purpose will help establish our vision. Vision is what God wants us to contribute toward the up building of his kingdom. The Living God placed his eternal unchanging purpose in our heart that his will may be accomplished in Earth. You were born at the right time. God chose when and where you were to be born for a reason.

Are Apples made of Gold?

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Touch Not Mine Anointed     

       This is a true story about an old apple tree, a church and a family that claimed ownership of the tree! I could hardly believe the note given to me that had been left on the door of the church that morning. It was a note left by a family that had property adjoining the church parking lot. The note read quote( Tell your children to not pick up the apples on your side of the fence or ours because all the apples belong to us.) Needless to say, I was somewhat taken back by this note . To think that someone would have the nerve to leave a note like this was beyond me. Well we told our children to leave the apples alone and instructed them to overlook these people and to pray for them. I had completely forgot this incident until three or four days later when I received a phone call. It was the pastor of the church asking me if I had time to come to this church property and bring my chain saw to which I agreed. When I arrived to my amazement was this enormous apple tree that had been uprooted during a recent storm and was blocking the church parking lot. As I sawed up this tree, I noticed that it was loaded with apples. I also thought about the note left at the church a few days before and began to tremble in my shoes. After sawing up this tree, I walked over to the place it had been. To my amazement, this storm had uprooted this huge tree by the roots and never even disturbed the building next to it. The next thing reported to me was the owners of this tree had moved and their property was up for sale. I will never forget this life changing experience on the greed of man and how God dealt with it through an old apple tree.  

Organized Religion

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Mal.3 was written to the leaders of the church and not the members. Preachers today with their prosperity gospel and promises have hurt the church. They leave out the right of the widows and the poor spoke of by Moses, while they bring in most of their money to the sum of millions a year and mostly get it from the weak…. There is a trend passing thru our land today that disturbs my spirit and makes me wonder what rock these people were under? They are on TV everyday preaching that one needs to sow a seed into the Kingdom of God as a seed offering for God to do something needful in someone’s life. They ask the people to send them their debts and they are going to have a special event where they will burn these bills as if they are burning the devils of poverty which caused the debts. I will tell you from experience that we bring a lot of these hardships on ourselves by not consulting God’s word in the situation before we make our decision to do something that will effect our finances. We find that God instructs us in his word to not be a surety for someone else’s debts. I have been guilty of this more times than I care to remember and it has always left me holding the bag. My daddy always told me that if you want to make a friend your enemy just loan them some money. Is this sinking in? Can anybody identify with me. I remember one incident concerning a Bishop that was founder of a certain ministry. He related that a close friend who could preach heaven down in a service approached him about undertaking the job of building a privacy fence for him. This minister was coming up for ordination in the ministry the Bishop had founded. The Bishop discussed the job with him but informed him that he did not care to have him perform the task because he was such a close friend. The minister insisted that he would do the work to the Bishop’s satisfaction and persisted in getting started as soon as possible. The friend was well skilled in the job task but the Bishop continued to put him off. After several days of pestering him about the job, the Bishop regretfully allowed the minister to do the work except there would be one requirement that he would not budge on. He informed the minister that he did not care when he would begin work on the fence except that he would not tolerate him leaving the job unfinished to begin or finish work started somewhere else. The minister agreed to this rule and was paid the full amount to do the fence up front which was almost two thousand dollars. About a week went by and the minister showed up with the material to build the fence. When he had the fence near completion, the Bishop noticed that he had not showed up for several days. The Bishop had some people contact him as to the reason he had not shown up to complete the privacy fence. The Bishop was told that he had received job offers and signed contracts to do other work. This angered the man of God and he enquired where the ministers next speaking engagement was and politely drove to hear him speak. The Bishop was to be one of the ministers that would be signing his ordination certificate. They had a little discussion after the service about why he pulled away from the job to start work on other projects. Needless to say, the minister was like David when confronted by the prophet Nathan concerning his sin with Bethsheba. The man apologized and began to weep as he realized the promise he had made. The Bishop politely forgave him and yes, they had a nice ordination ceremony for the minister in one of their Churches. The man had been paid up front and did not have to wait on his money which caused him to get greedy when the other job offers started coming in. I said all of that to make the point that we are all human and have real needs in our lives. We know better than using our credit cards as a means of maintaining our life style. The card companies are making a fortune by inticing us to make purchases that we do not need. The loan institutions know that we are living in a fast paced world where there are luxuries on every corner. We are inticed into buying an automobile on our good credit and giving us several years to pay for it. If we go more than four years on the loan then we are shocked to find that when it is payed off that we have invested into it far more than it is worth. We are the ones not using good judgement in our finances but we just got to blame it on the devil and send a list of our debts to these TV evangelists who are going to have a special event on live TV and let us watch them pray over these debts and burn them in a bonfire which is supposed to burn the devil of debt or poverty which has these poor people enslaved. I know some of these famous ministers and have heard them preach against what they are doing today. I have even watched one of these famous ministers expand as God would add to them and they did not have to fleece the people of God to do it. Sometime back, I took the liberty of allowing the father of one of these now famous ministers to accompany me on a short truck trip . He had devoted his whole life to ministry and his son who is now very famous continues to use him in special services to pray for the sick and needy. I am sure that these ministers believe that they are acting on God’s promises but my question is this. Are they portraying an atmosphere of false hope to these poor people who swallow their propaganda and send them their debts believing that God is going to get them out of the situation that they got their self into by not consulting God’s instruction manuel the Holy Bible? These ministers have convinced the people that they have rebuked and burned the spirits of poverty off their lives however, this is not going to stop the harassing phone calls from the creditors who want their money with interest. I have one question for these mighty men of God who are making themselves rich by robbing the poor? My question is who then has robbed even the whole nation of God’s intent of tithes and offerings? A Hint is in Malachi 3:5. and Isaiah 61:8 Malachi 3:5. And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right, and fear not me, saith the Lord of hosts. Isa 61:8 For I the LORD love judgment, I hate robbery for burnt offering; and I will direct their work in truth, and I will make an everlasting covenant with them. Read On Does not the Word of the Lord say that my sheep hear my voice? In the verses above we find that God hates robbery for burnt offerings. If we are compelled in a special service to give into a ministry and compelled to do it with God’s portion then my question would be who is speaking to us? Here we are in a special service and up to our neck in bills, we do not have money to put gas in our car and we pledge to give these ministers an offering that amounts to over a weeks work thus placing our selves and our family in bondage and we have the mindset that God is going to bless and deliver us, however in the back of our mind we are thinking, what have I done and what if God does not come thru on this pledge. Come on now, don’t get to saved on me because you know I am right. First let me say that God does emphasize in his word that whatever we give to his work shall return unto us but does it say that it is promised to us when we need it? This is where the ministers are failing in that they are making false promises to the people and creating an atmosphere that God is going to bring their children out of drugs or some other miracle and fail to realize that God has a plan. Yes, the fruit of the seed will come back to us if we give with a pure heart and motive to advance his Kingdom but it does not say it will come back to us personally. God may decide to have the blessing come back to our children or our children’s children. This is the prosperity doctrine being preached in our pulpits today and there is a record being kept on high. The word of God declares that almighty God hates robbery for burnt offerings then if you are compelled to give into a ministry and you are then compelled to do it with God’s portion, the tithe for it is Holy and it is the Lord’s! But measure yourself my dear child, the Word of God declares that we are to take this to our Local assembly to Celebrate God’s goodness to us so that the ministry and the meek of our community will have food to eat, clothes to wear, and places to live. And remember the tithe of the tithe belongs directly to the minister who is to oversee this ministry to the poor and to keep up our Father’s house. Therefore only a small portion of ones tithe should be given into other ministries. I mean if God really told you to give to this other ministry and you are behind on your bills then it would have to come out of the tithe because God says he hates “robbery for burnt offering”! It is like this: The tithe is the Lord’s! He does not want you to rob Him by paying your bills with it! [Although in the old covenant the Lord says if you were to borrow it then you were to pay it back with twenty percent interest (not to many ministers would tell you that!). God knows and He understands] Just do not Rob God from His goodness to you from helping the “meek” of our communities! God also does not want you to rob other people or businesses you have an agreement with to give God an offering. God is just! And with justice comes righteous judgment! God loves judgment! And with right judgment comes great wealth. The Word declares this statement in this passage and in others to such as “Who Is Robbing God” Do you not see in today’s body of Christ that we have been devastated as a whole? Sure there is great wealth in the body usually by those who have the use of judgment. Let’s face it there are many voices, and the only one that can bring judgment to these voices is you. The enemy of our soul comes as a thief as stated below. John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. What do you think he (Satan) wants to steal most if your soul is in the hands of Christ? That’s right your wealth or God’s goodness in your life, and he will use your numbness to sound judgment to devastate you; thus rendering you with less power in your life living in the cellars of depression and captivated in poverty! We need to pray and ask forgiveness in the areas we have been weak in and ask our heavenly Father to undergird us with his mercy and ask that he clearly mark our path with sound judgment when it comes to his Holy Word! We need to realize that our God does not work on a merit (favor) system as we are so used to in this earthly realm but know that we are already accepted in his eyes because we are his children. We need to know that THe wrath of God was satisfied when his son Jesus Christ willingly gave his life and shed his life’s blood on an old rugged cross over two thousand years ago to pay the sin debt of mankind that we may become the sons and daughters of the most high God. Yes friend, God bought us through the finished work of Christ but remember, We can not buy God! Remember this prayer! Father God we come to you in Jesus Name and ask you to give us the Grace of good judgment to keep on making good judgments for we realize that it is a Kingdom principle! Lord help us to be all we can be for the upbuilding of thy kingdom. Does not the Word say that we are Kings and Priests of our God? What good is a King without sound judgment? SPECIAL NOTE We find in our studies of scripture that there is a “right” for the laborer or hireling [not the unfaithful Minster] and their wages that extends to the needy [the fatherless, the widow, and the stranger] and to the ministry. We have made preachers millionaires in today’s church and missed the Lord’s intent concerning the culture around us. We are supposed to be the Lord’s body here on earth and willingly yield our bodies a living sacrifice which is our reasonable service. He wants to use our hands and our feet to reach out to the needy. We are to reach out to the hurting and the culture around us with the good news that we serve a risen savior. Conclusion by Lorraine Hulse The Tides represents the time period when you reap a harvest for what you have sowed in the Kingdom of God. The giving of your Tithes is an opportunity for you to be blessed and to be a blessing to others. There are so many ways to sow into other people lives, not only with monetary gifts, but through love, encouragement, and prayer. Also through sharing of God’s word and by giving of yourself and of your service without expecting the people you blessed to bless you back. You will received a manifold blessing from the Lord when your harvest comes in pressed down, shaken together and running over shall you be blessed in returned. That is the way and the function of the Tides of the Tithers. The Tides flow in for the Tithers.

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